Monday, October 13, 2008

Manic Monday!

UGh what a day!
*** WARNING*****
*this is a bitchfest post!*

Wake up, drop keys off at car shop and yell at them for leaving tools in the engine compartment, drop off dd, take Ken 45 mins to work thru the HORRIBLE SANTA ANA WINDS! Try to drive home thru the same damn winds that tossed my car around the freeway. Go to AAA to file a complaint on how bad the service... well no... it wasn't bad it was NON- Existent! We got NO Help from AAA while stranded on the side of the freeway for 5 hours on sat! Talk to the shop and have a heart attach when they tell me how much the repair bill will be! Grocery store for baking supplies for Kaitlyn, get Kaitlyn and FINALLY HOME! UGH....

Now can I just tell you yet another reason why I hate Fall? Besides the fact we don't really get a fall, like no changing colors, etc.... we get Santa Ana winds! Dirty disgusting hard blowing dry winds! NASTY! ALL my life I hated them! My asthma and allergies flair up BIG TIME in the winds! I HATE IT!!!!! And I think Kassel has allergies too, poor baby! No fires around here yet, there are some in SoCal but not close by thank God, but I'm sure there will be soon! Now.... if these damn winds screw up Kassels Bday for the second year of the poor kids life I will go postal!! On who I have no idea but someone will pay! LMAO
I wanted to take pictures when I took Ken to work but for once in my life I didn't have the camera in my purse, I'm gonna go wash my windshield and put the camera in my purse so I can take pictures when I go get him! Ahhh what a day! On the plus side, Kaitlyn and I made some VERY yummy Pumpkin cookies!
Now... off to pay for the car repairs OUCH and then go get Ken, fun times


WheresMyAngels said...

I would hate those winds also. Wild fires would scare the life out of me, just thinking about them.

I HATE when my car breaks down and I hate taking it to the repair shop. The last time I went in, I needed a bunch of stuff done as I was going on vacation the next day. At 4 pm I call the shop to see if my car is done, they can't find my ticket. AT 4 30 pm, find out my car has been there over 8 hours and they never worked on it cause the guys misplaced my keys and the ticket, and oh by the way, do I have an extra set of keys! The did find them and then stayed 1 hour after they were close to get my car done.

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

wow! ok, i think your story tops mine! lol