Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip Overview Day 4 (tuesday)

Wake up! Wake up! Rolled out of bed and headed outside to take in the view again! The Rio Grande is visable from their patio and man just such a great view!

LaDonna and Joe showed us some sites of Las Cruses! Breakfast first! Great breakfast even tho the kids were being a PITA! lol

Some of the cool sites... an old Indian fort... darn fort and museum was closed on Tuesday! Always our luck! lol

Then he hit up the Hobby Lobby! Since I didn't get a picture at the first Hobby Lobby here we are leaving from the second one! and YES i bought stuff! We were actually walking back from putting the cart back but I got a bunch of albums and page protectors and lots of other goodies!

Museum! We went to this really cool museum in Las Cruses. Kids had a great time! They were also filming a video for the museum and we were filmed in a few shots around the museum. I was playing with the camera too!

Some pictures along the Rio Grande, across the river and up the hill a bit is where LaDonna and Joes house is. Lastly is the cute bug that Kaitlyn was playing with.... until she staked it! lol I'll save you from that picture!

After our tour around LasCruses we headed back to house finished packing up and headed out towards home!