Wednesday, October 15, 2008

P is for Pumkin

This week at one of Kaitlyn's schools the letter of the week is 'P'

We were talking about things that start with P, she mentioned pumpkin! Sure enough pumpkin starts with P! Since I've been trying to do something along with the letters of the week I told her maybe we could make Pumpkin cookies. She was so excited!

So here she is making Pumpkin cookies! She wasn't thrilled with how the pumpkin looked for smelled but ended up liking the end product. I told her just like applesauce cookies you don't always like everything that goes into the cookies but when its all done they are good!

The recipe came with a great icing recipe to drizzle on top. We didn't do it tho because the cookies are so good by themselves anyways plus I didn't think the kids (mine or the ones at school) needed any more sugar! I got the recipe from here and we had a few oops, but it still turned out great!

Kaitlyn took them to class at OB on Tuesday and to class at CC on Wednesday. Everyone loved them, or at least so they said! lol


Lacey in the Sky said...

I love when she cooks! She looks so stinkin' cute in her apron and chef's hat!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Visiting from SITS : )
She looks soo cute! I LOVE the chef hat and apron! I am looking for a set for my 2 year old son to wear : )

Lori said...

Printing the recipe to make now...thanks Kat! She's too cute!

Lori (sweatshirtgirl)

Lori said...

Kat, they were delicious! Concensus was, the ones I added chocolate chips to were even better!