Friday, July 25, 2008

No more milk for you!!

Ok people laughed at me when I weaned Kaitlyn from breastfeeding with breast petals but I thought and still do think its a great idea! I couldn't find any non, semi nudist pictures of them to post on here, so you gotta google it yourself if you don't know what I'm talking about!
So I have been looking into doing Isagentix and I think I finally convinced Ken into letting me try it. BUT he says Kassel needs to be DONE breastfeeding! I had been wanting him done for awhile now but Ken wanted him to continue for a bit longer. Since I'm going away next weekend anyways i figured that would be the perfect time to be DONE!! He doesn't NEED it and only nurses to go to sleep and once in the middle of the night and its just for a minute or two, so yea he really doesn't need it. He wants it but doesn't need it! So last night after Ken said that I dug and dug for my Breast Petals! I knew i had some! What are breast petals? Well, they are for those perky girls who can wear shirts or dresses w/o a bra but don't want their nipples popping thru! AAhhhh I remember those day! lol SO I finally found them!
Got out of the shower last night, and put them on... hehehe YOUR DONE BUDDY!! Kassel was in the room when i was getting dressed and kept look at my boobs like WTH happened?? but didn't say or point or anything... So then bed time came, we lay in bed and I give him his milk like I usually do (yes im a bad mom who sends the kids to bed with milk) and he takes it and get comfy, then starts whining a little, i ask him what he wants he points to my boob. I show him, "It's all gone"! The ONE good thing about weaning kids later is that they understand a bit more. He whines again and then get comfy and settles down! WOW I was SO surprised! Kaitlyn fought it! She was trying to rip it off and everything! So that was it! He went to sleep! WOW!! He woke up in the middle of the night and whined and asked pointed, showed him again and said "Bubba its all gone" He didn't like it this time and had a bit of a fit, but not too bad! I was really surprised and went back to sleep!
YAY!!! I'm so excited! It will take a few days and then I'll be gone for the weekend and hopefully he will stop asking for it!

It is a sad moment when they are done nursing but im very releived that he's not taking it as hard as Kaitlyn did and that soon I will be working my tushy off to regain my body back! Man, it will be nice if I can start wearing some cute clothes again! lol