Friday, July 18, 2008

From Drab to Fab!

Ok, as some of you know I LOVE to paint things! I just HATE the prep work! The sanding, priming etc.. I got the wild idea of making some of my scrapbooking necessities match and decided to try that new Krylon paint for plastic. OMG I LOVE it! It works and covers SO good!

I didnt take pictures of the 'before' but the wipe box was white, the toolbox was a purple color i wasnt too fond of but i loved the cute little toolbox and lastly my ATG gun. Yes thats what i use for my adhesive for scrapbooking! Its a bit big and i was afraid of it when I first got it but it has saved me lots of $$ in adhesive and i love it! BUT it was red! eewww!

So i started w/ the ATG gun, then decided i'd try the wipe box, then WTH lets try the toolbox, then ahh heck theres still a little more paint lets do another wipe box for the heck of it! Yes my hands are STILL covered in paint (and i did this 3 days ago!) eewww.....

But look at how these turned out! OMG i love it! Im still going to do more to them but just havent had a chance yet!

I did have time to 'dress up' one wipe box! Simple but oh so darn cute! Much better then White with Peter Pan on it! lol

Thanks for looking! Drop me a line and let me know someones out there!!


Ryan and Melanie said...

That is very cute! You are so creative with your ideas! I told Ryan about your cards tonight and how much I loved them. I think I may have to "order" some for presents. :)

lacey said...

love this kat.. :D very cute