Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Later Gators!

Ok, a day early but I know I wont be around tomorrow. I have my scrapbook stuff packed and all the goodie bags packed. Still need to pack my personal supplies and go shopping for the food! Then the fun of stuffing it all in the car! lol

I have been So bad with pictures the last 2 weeks or so but be prepared when i get back i will be posting lots of pics! Pics from the beach, Palm springs and of course the RETREAT!!!!

Im SO SO SO excited about this retreat for MANY reasons!

1. Get some ME time!
2. Scrap time!
3. be able to hang out with family and friends
4. Meet some of my online friends!
5. Did I mention ME TIME?
6. Fresh air!
7. My legs all to myself! No one pulling, tugging, whining, crying on them!

OK, Im beat and have a lot of stuff to get done tomorrow! And hopefully be able to spend some quality fun time with the kids since I've been quiet wrapped up in the retreat stuff lately!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be checking back probably mid week!


Ryan and Melanie said...

HI!! I hope you have a great trip!!! Enjoy the scrapbooking!