Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick/ Palm Springs/ RETREAT!!!

I have been sick since Friday! It's been horrible I just need to be DONE with this crap! Literally! lol Ok, TMI sorry!

Palm Springs! We went out to Palm Spring this weekend. Ken's mom and brother met us out there and took the tram up to the mountain, its pretty scary but still pretty cool! Then we just hung out at the hotel and in the pool... ahh so nice! Would have been nicer if i wasn't so darn sick, but still pretty nice get away! Sorry its a crazy week, hopefully i can post pics soon, if not next week I promise!

Retreat countdown! 3 more days until retreat! So much I need to get done for the retreat, around the house etc before Friday! AAGGHHHH!!! I REALLY need to be DONE w/ being sick so I can get this stuff done and get up to the retreat and have some FUN!!!

Got NOTHING done today while Kaitlyn was at school. I laid on the couch or in bed the whole time! Kassel was great and watched shows most the time (horrible mom I know) :( Then got Kaitlyn from school at stopped over to pick up my order and every one elses orders from socalscrap, then came home, hopefully to recooperate! Next few days are going to be CRAZY!!!

Sorry for the randomness in todays post...

ETA- Kassel is doing GREAT w/o nursing! WooHoo!!!!!