Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

I'm back from the retreat.. for a few days now but I'm still trying to recover! It was a GREAT time! And to my surprise Ken kept the house clean and picked up! I was shocked! The kids and Ken were both still alive and all missed me which is very nice to see once in awhile! I didn't get as much scrappin done as I had planned on. I finished 15 layouts and then yesterday I did 11! and then another 4 this morning! Now I feel better! Got alot done!
We also got the insulation installed over the weekend and it has helped alot with keeping this place cool, or at least liveable! I couldnt really tell the other day but comming home today and the house wasn't as hot as it is outside! So that was very nice!
I ordered myIsagenetix today and look forward to really knocking off some pounds! It's pretty intense but I'm hoping I can stick with it and really lose some of this weight I have been carrying around! It should be here next week sometime, so I will probably start it the Monday after it comes! Watch out, hot mama here I come! :)