Thursday, August 21, 2008

last day of school and some good times!

Today was Kaitlyn's last day of summer school. Im SO sad to say good bye to her teachers... even tho were still hoping she can get switched into the morning class w/ the same teachers. We shall see about that... but Of course once I got the camera out Kaitlyn froze up and got all shy, ugh when will she get out of this stage and just relaise I will always have my camera?

My daughter the corn husker!
We dont usually have corn on the cob, pretty much just because Im lazy... but it sounded so good. I had Kaitlyn husk her own cob, she had fun...

Today I decided to have the kids try their hand at making home made ice cream, we made 2 individual size bags. Trying not to make too much to kill my diet! Kaitlyn did hers all on her own, she had fun! But gave up shaking it about half way thru! lol

Here they are enjoying their sweetness! I think this maybe the first time shes ever had home made ice cream... poor child!