Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Writers Workshop

I just hapened to stumble across this very cool blog tonight, Mama's Losin it! she has tuesday night homework to write about something tonights home work was:
1.) Did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it.

2.) I wish I could...

I figured I'd work on #1 and see if anything could come to mind for #2.
So... My favorite doll was actually a big stuffed bear. He was called "Big Bear", SO original huh? lol Well, I have no idea where or how it happened but Big Bear lost his eye, so he was a one eyed big bear. My mom was super crafty and I remember her fixing his eye at one point, maybe more but i took it off because Big Bear only has one eye! Dunno what was up with that but I totally remember being upset that she fixed it, I guess she gave up after that. I do have him somewhere... those of you who know will totally beleive that because i seam to hold onto everything! Anyways, I wonder if I can find him! I was never the kid that HAD to have her doll or anything with her but I do remember loving my Big Bear, and taking him many many place!

Ok, I guess that did lead me to an answer for #2
I wish I could have a clutterless, organized, clean house.... HAHAHA ok, not get off the floor because we know that will probably NEVER happen, or atleast not until the kids are out of the house, the dh is out of the house AND I get a house keeper and, and and, the list goes on! I guess we all know that will never happen no matter what! But I am working on getting rid of some stuff! I have been working in the garage all week... lol seams like all week even tho its only tuesday! But I am getting alot done and the garage is looking better! I even re arranged the living room too!

Ok, homework complete! Hope the teacher stamps my homework or I get a sticker or something!


Mama's Losin' It said...

Stamped and approved!! That's hilarious that you took your bears eye off to make him your old "big bear" again. And amen to the clean house! Good luck with that. ;)

Good job! Now be sure to come back tomorrow and link your name from my page so that other people can stop by and read your stuff!!

Aubrey said...

My kids want the swing set. They're so short-range goaled.


Mama's Losin It is AWESOME! One of my favorite blogs.

Bar-b said...

cute kiddos! Happy Saucy Bloginess :)

Angie said...

Oh! Your post made me remember a bear that I had, his nose was missing!
Nice blog and very cute kiddies.
I'll be snooping around again soon!