Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"I'm Bored!"

OMG! So my daughter is only 4, not 13 AND she hasnt even been out of school for a whole week yet and yet all I heard yesterday and today was "I'm Bored!" I tried extra hard last week to do fun things each day since she's not in school. But even those days it only helped while we were doing them!
we went to the neighborhood thrift store and picked up some fancy dress up clothes, and a movie. That didnt last long! we did the other fun stuff I already posted! Yesterday we went swimming w/ a friend and STILL ALL I hear is "I'm bored". What happened to the days that they would play out back for hours and hours? Guess they used to having a yard and take it for granted now I dunno, but OMG when does she go back to school?? THURSDAY!
We met her new teacher today at her new school (she will be attending 2 different schools) and she was really nice and Kaitlyn had fun playing while I got to talk to her teacher. I DO wish the teacher would have taken time to talk to her more then me, but oh well I guess thats what we were there for?!? I dunno! But we shall see how it goes. She will be in that school 2 days a week and at her other school three days a week, all half days. Her other school starts next weds... oh shoot that reminds me, I need to make sure what the times are! lol We have a meet the teacher night thursday.... ok kids fighting guess i should go. It's time for my walk anyways! Thanks for listening to my ramblings! lol