Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ok, I know I've talked alot about the retreat so I wont say how much fun it was (again!) I'll just share pictures...
Ok, first off Hootie (the stuffed Owl) is being passed around to all the kids on the message board I'm on. He arrived the day before the retreat and Kaitlyn was SO excited that he came but then really sad when I told her he had to go to the mountains with me. Since 6 of the people at the retreat were from the message board we needed some pictures with the mommies!
Here's Jen (co host), her daughter Alli, Kaitlyn (cranky w/the camera), me, Kassel and of course Hootie!

With Andrea

With Bonnie

With Lacey

With Jen and Kelci

With Alli

Random scrap room pics

The Message board girls before people started leaving :(

So very glad everyone was able to make it both my OL friends and my IRL friends!!! Until next time....