Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back Tracking...

Beach trip! A few weeks ago I decided to take the kids to the beach. I have a hard time being at the beach with kids, any kids! I HATE sand! I love the water, the sound of the waves the beach air, all that but HATE SAND!!! So going with kids you just know its going to be everywhere! I finally broke down and decided to take them. They didn't know where we were going. I packed the car when they were doing other stuff so had NO CLUE! I guess I'm weird but I like surprising them with stuff like that! We headed down to Newport. I usually like going to the non touristy areas like down at like 32nd street but that's pretty far away from pottys. So I figured it would be best to do somewhere close to a potty.. nasty as the beach pottys are I just knew she would be in there at least once! So looking and looking for parking. Finally found a good one and this old guy in a big ole truck pulls up and parks there while I was turning around right in front of it, obviously trying to get in there! GRRRR I was so mad! He totally blocked the guy behind him in and I asked him..."Is that guy even going to be able to get in?, and your already in the red?" he said "oh yea he can get out" Yea right! he had like 2 inches maybe bumper to bumper! I was SO tempted to call the cops! I was so mad! So instead i just went down to the pier and paid for parking which I hate doing! Got al the stuff out and headed down to the beach. It was a great day! Not to hot but not chilly at all. The waves were pretty high and the lifeguards kept telling people to come in, but I wasn't concerned as I didn't plan on getting into the water anyways. Kaitlyn and Kassel instantly started playing in the sand.

I actually got to just sit there and relax for awhile! it was nice! they both played in the sand went down to the water a few times and got their feet wet but the water was way too cold to get much else wet! I got some great pictures of Kassel and Kaitlyn was being her typical 'no pictures mommy' mood.

I love this picture of Kaitlyn, even tho she wouldn't look at me and was cranky every time I pointed the camera at her I love this picture. The messy hair at the beach look. I love the look on her, on me not so much! lol

After awhile I decided to go get my usual.. hot dog on a stick and big lemonade! mmmm.. Hit the potty and back to the beach for a little longer. Kaitlyn wanted to go out on the pier so we did that and then came home! It was surprisingly a great trip! I learned a great tip from the ladies on my message board... use baby powder to get the sand off! I usually take a gallon of water with to try to clean of the sand, especially from the girlie parts.. but the baby powder works SO good on dry sand!! LOVE it! Thanks ladies!

Here's my favorite pic of the day I think...