Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School at her second school! lol

Ok, as some of you know, we are a bit crazy and Kaitlyn will be attending 2 preschools! WHY? You may ask, well pretty much because I went there! lol It IS a great school and I realy like it as well. I would have her only in this second school (Circle City) but since I want her to attend Olive Branch for Kindergarden, I want to get the 'returning student' benefit of getting in. So there ya go! Anyways... She started school on thursday at Circle City and she was excited about it! Here she is being silly while waiting to sign her in.

And starting to play, here she is playing w/ shaving cream! Looks like fun huh??

After school she finally let me take a picture of her by the sign, I wonder if I have a picture of me by that same sign as a little 4 year old! hmmm might have to dig thru the suitcase!

She had a great time at school, and look forward to going back! That night we also had a 'meet your teacher night' at the Olive Branch school, same school but new teachers. SHe had fun in a new class room, she starts there on weds.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i'm gla du got the shot! once they r a little older, it's tough to get them to cooperate. at least she ahs a mind of her own! so cute!


She is such a cutie pie! I'm glad she had a good day at preschool.