Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pickin' Berries!

I've been wanting to go up to Oak Glen and pick berries. I mentioned it to Ken yesterday and this morning we decided to go! It was such a great time! Not only got some OH SO YUMMY berries but it was just nice to do something different! Currently they have strawberries and raspberries for picking. I was most interested in the raspberries but Ken and Kaitlyn wanted to get some strawberries too.
The view from the strawberry patch.

Meeting the pigs on the farm... missing Monica :(

Kassel showing off his new toy from the gift shop, a SNAKE!!!

In the strawberry patch before heading to the raspberry Patch

Picking Raspberries.....

We learned that Kassel LOVES Raspberries! He wouldn't stop eating them! He was picking them and eating them, then on the tractor back to the parking lot it was one after another after another! Crazy kid!

Kaitlyn made a friend in the tractor on the way back down too..

Thanks for looking! If you ever get a chance to go you should! It was only about an hour drive and it was such great fun! Different times of year they obviously have different things!