Sunday, August 17, 2008

5 for 5!

What a busy busy weekend we had! Crazy times!!! We completed 5 out 5 events! lol
Friday night- Wedding (that I found out about on Monday, and no kids allowed...)
Sat- Ken has housewarming party middle of day and the races sat night!
Sun- 9am breakfast in with family from out of state, 11 am birthday party for my Niece 19 years old! WOW!

Event 1- Corina's Wedding
Ok, since our camera is kinda POS we didn't get many good pics... to prove that i think this is my favorite picture... lol

We did get a decent one of Ken and I tho...

Event 2- House warming party for Ken's co worker
I stayed at home w/ Kassel... guess we weren't really invited.. oh well, SCRAP TIME!
Looks like Kaitlyn had a GREAT time tho! She had fun with all the kids and swimming! She snaked someones goggles I see! lol

You know I would have been freaking out if I was there for this... they were throwing the kids in the pool!

Event 3- Races at the National Orange Show
I have always loved races... as long as theres a variety of a few different things Im happy... Nascar not so much, all motor cross, not so much. I miss the Mickey Thompsons SO SO much! Bob, Kens brother works for Lucas Oil which sponsors ALOT of different races but the most local and kid friendly is the one at the Orange show. Kaitlyn has been asking about going back since last year!
Ken decided to take this group photo right after i shoveled the funnel cake in my mouth! Gee thanks!

This is right after a big crash because one driver kept bumping another and then on the turn flipped it! It was a great crash he got some major air! SO then after they got the injured driver out, the driver who bumped him came to make sure he was ok, and he Slugged him! Fight Fight Fight!!! They took it to the ground! lol It was great! Anyways it so happened that the driver who threw the punch was one of the Lucas Drivers... Oops! AND to make things worse.... He got Arrested for assault and can never come back to the orange show! LMAO, ahhh fun times! Yea were a bit red neck! lol

Here's another of the Lucas Drivers!

Here's Kaitlyn cheering for her driver!

Kaitlyn hanging with the boys! She IS my daughter!

Event 4- Breakfast with Family
I didn't realise that people were going to be there from out of state... since I didn't know about it until last minute I had figured everyone found out about it last minute... guess not! But anyways I was so excited to see Tia Gloria and Juan that I asked if we could get together before they went back home, and breakfast was kinda the only option. So it got squeezed in before the birthday party!
It was SO nice to be able to chit chat with them and also their daughters Olga and Toni! Thanks ladies for meeting us for breakfast! Here's all of us in the hotel lobby before we all left!

Event 5- Alicia's 19th birthday get together.
Just us close family was there but it was nice to just hang out casually.
Here is Kassel, Kaitlyn, Alicia and Cody

Ok, what a tiring weekend! We only had 1 meltdown per kid which was great considering how tired they were! I'm gonna go crash now and hopefully get my butt back in gear on my diet tomorrow since this weekend WRECKED IT! Oh well, I still did better than I normally would have! Ok, I know its late when I 'cut' a code for a picture and then lost it because I couldn't remember I never 'pasted' it! lol

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

Blimey, I thought we had a busy weekend with decorating, picnic and a visit from the in-laws. I will never moan about being tired again! (Love the pic of Kaitlyn jumping in the water with her water ring on, brilliant!)
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting today, I really do appreciate it and it was really nice to meet you over there in sunny CA