Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tutu special

Melanie had asked me if I thought she would be able to make a tutu, showing me one online that was for sale for 40$+. Sure thing you can make it girlie! SO yep, If you know me, what do I do? I steal the idea! lol No, I can not come up with fun creative ideas but I can steal ideas and run with them! lol So heres my first one... It's pink and white

And since I wont show it to kaitlyn since its an Christmas present I made Kassel try it on... I'm such a mean mommie!

And then I decided that I should make a few more, if Kaitlyn has a friend over I dont wanna hear them fight over it, and hmmm... maybe someone else needs one for an Christmas present too! So heres my second one... it is dark purple, light purple and pink.

These were fun and fast to make and for about 10$ beats 40$+! lol
Thanks for looking!


Brenda Jean said...

I LOVE these. How cool. I may have to do this too. It would also make an awesome part of a Halloween costume!