Friday, August 29, 2008

Splash Park!

They just opened a great splash park in town last week! the girls Kaitlyn used to go to gymnastics with planned on meeting there. Two of the girls couldnt make it but Kaitlyn and Kassel loved it!

Then after Jayden got there they played everywhere else besides the water! silly girls! If I was wearing somehting else I would have been in there! It was HOT today!

I think Kassel took advantage of the splash park the most! He LOVED it!!!

It's really too bad that is closes the end of Sept because here in Socal we could pretty much have it open year around! oh well! We will use it a few more times before it closes!


Kristi B. said...

You've been Blog Tagged! :o)

mommaof4wife2r said...

yeah! soooo much fun! we just got one near us that i haven't made it to yet. now, i have to go. i love that smile on ur sweet boys face! says it all!