Monday, August 11, 2008


When I buy really awesome paper its SO hard for me to actually USE IT! I got the Shop Hop passport which gives you a list of all the SoCal scrap booking stores and you get a discount at each during the month of Aug and you can enter for prizes depending on how many stores you visit during that time. I only really go to one scrapbook store because i just don't know where they are so I jumped at this opportunity. I found this awesome paper that I had only seen online, I think its new?? So I got it, figuring I would just hoard it like all the other AWESOME paper I have! Then I decided I HAD to make myself use it! So I did one the other night and finished up the title tonight and did the other one tonight too! I'm so proud of myself for not hoarding it! I think they are both very cute, NOT my normal scrapbook pages but I'm pleased!

Thanks for looking!