Friday, September 26, 2008

'A' for Applesauce cookies!

The letter of week was A at both schools! I'm sure that wont happen too often since neither school goes in order of the alphabet! Since we were in the cooking mood Applesauce cookies sounded good. So off to google I go! I found two recipes and decided to try both! First one was from and here is that recipe and then we found this recipe from

We started making one but then DUH mom didn't get any applesauce! I knew we had some applesauce cups and since they wont eat it anymore figured that would be enough, ended up we only had 2 individual cups! So we stopped making that one, yet saved the dough for later and we barely had enough applesauce for the second... Man it smelled SO good. the cinnamon, the nutmeg ahh... SO yummy! Smells almost... holidayish... even tho its still 90 deg outside! So we got those done and OH they were SO yummy!

So after we got more applesauce and got the second batch done we agreed that the recipe from was the better of the two, but I did add a few dashes of nutmeg to the recipe! Kaitlyn took the cookies to class on Thursday and Friday (remember 2 different schools) for snack time to go along with the Letter of the week 'A'.


Lacey in the Sky said...

Ah, yes... the ever wise sex girl never fails in the drink department! haha! That last picture is so cute it makes me giggle! She's precious!(and I LOVE that she's cooking in just her apron... so sassy! haha!)

Rachel said...

What a cute little cook you have! Love the pink apron!!!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Ren said...

Sounds like a recipe I will definitely have to try soon.
What a cutie you have, love the pink apron and chef's hat. ^^