Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're Exhausted!

Kassel's eyes are a bit better and we end up having the party! We had a GREAT time! ALL the kids were playing so much, it was great! I cooked TOO much food but everyone seamed to enjoy it, so that's good. I felt like I was running around setting up fetching stuff for the kids and then cleaning up during the whole party and didn't get to chat much which kinda stinks but its oh well. Kassel fell asleep and still hasn't waken up to open gifts so I think we might have a marathon gift opening week like we did for Kaitlyn's first bday, a gift a day or something like that. I would be in bed right now, I'm SO tired but I'm waiting for the bounce house company to pick the darn thing up!
Ok, I think I'm gonna go lay down and if they come they better knock loud! lol


Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

BREATH!! : )
It sounds like it was a BLAST!!!
Take some time to yourself!
Hope YOU had fun! : )
I am hosting a 2nd soon!

angie said...

Happy Birthday Kassel! It seem like Birthday's with bounce houses are always a hit! :) Good food, too? Had to be a success! :)