Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad Blogger

Man, i guess I'm really not good at this blogging thing.... i just cant keep this thing up to date!
Well this weekend was a busy one with a online crop i helped host, an unexpected trip to the theater to see Wicked!, and meeting with the in-laws. The crop was awesome and turned out real well, not this coming weekend theres a crop on ACOT which will be cool if i have a chance to do any of it. Wicked was AWESOME!!! LOVED the story, made me laugh and cry, she really was just misunderstood! Lunch and checking out the ice rink with the in-laws was cool too!
That's all the recent stuff! Still hoping to get pics posted from Kauai, and I have more Scrap stuff to post! oh yea and my Journal Jar questions too, but those are on the computer Ken's hogging right now! I'm off to bed!

oh and if anyone is interested in the Scrapbooking retreat im hosting in Aug in the San Berndino Mountains contact me!!