Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kauai pics finally!

On the plane the kids had a good time... mom on the other hand not so much!

First day heading out to the beach!

My clingy baby with his owie he got the day before from the park.

Here we are at the Salt Pond Beach

Kassel fell asleep on the way to Anini beach and so we slept on the beach for awhile.

Kaitlyn isnt too thrilled w/ the camera lately so this is what most of my pictures of her look like! lol no eye contact!

I was digging a hole and telling kaitlyn i was going to put her in it. She wanted nothing to do with it but Kassel loved the idea, he sat in it and then started filled it up!

Me and the kids enjoying the water

Dad and Kassel

The night of the Luau at Kilohana and the camera was being weird and we couldnt change the settings, so no pics durring the Luau. Real bummer!

Even tho were on vacation Kaitlyn doesnt miss a chance to practice her gymnactics skills!

On the boat up to the Fern Grotto

LOL, Kens Favorite place to eat! Yep you guessed it! Costco!

Think we wore her out today?

Thats my boy getting into trouble and getting into things he shouldnt be!

Just us hangin out at the beach!

Scary old swinging bridge in Hanapepe

I LOVE these pictures of Kaitlyn, Ken says they are a little too sexy but its so funny because she was trying to get her rubber band out of her hair and coulnt. I wouldnt help i was just taking pictures!

My poor boys owie was getting better but still looks like it hurts, besides that i think hes adorable and having so much fun in the sand!

Kassel and I woke up early and went for a walk along the beach, this was right outside out room.

Up at Ke'e Beach the roots are amazing in these trees.

View from our Lanai (patio)

Last few moments in our room, kaitlyn was taking pictures if Kassel and I.