Monday, May 19, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend!

This weekend was crazy buys for us! Saterday was supposed to be all at our house but at the last minute Ken decided we would go to his moms house instead of having them come here. So pack everything up and head out there. Traffic was horrible heading out, think everyone was going to the beach since it was so stinkin hot! Then we hung out there had lunch and the kids played in teh yard w/ the sprinklers and the slip and slide and the squirt guns. Then had cake and opened some gifts. then it was time to head home! Stopped at Jamba Juice, we all LOVE Jamba Juice! Then sitting in traffic Mike, kens friend called and said they were on their way over! WHAT? they werent supposed to be over until late! We werent even home yet and the place was a mess w/ toys EVERYWHERE, and they dont have kids so they wouldnt understand! lol Got home cleaned up the house as much as possible, jump in the shower and as im steping out they were here! Ken hadnt showered yet! So he sent them outback w/ the kids and ran in for a shower! We had a great time chatting with them and it was the first time i had met Mike's girlfriend. She was pretty cool! I had joked w/ him before that i get veto power over anyone he dates because if he dates anyone that means Im going to be hanging out with her, so i get to veto the ones i dont like! lol She passed the test!
They left late saterday night and i still hasnt finished the cake or decided on lunch for sunday at dads! aaagghhhhh!!! sunday morning i wake up and finish the cake. I think it turned out real cute! My first attempt at a barbie doll cake! Then run to the grocery store to pick up veggies and fruits and decide we wil just order something for lunch. WAY too hot to BBQ. So that worked out, Kaitlyn decided on pizza so we just ordered it and had it delivered! We had fun eating anf swimming and then when it was time for cake and gifts Kaitlyn had a huge meltdown. I stnks but i think she just gets over tired or soemthing because everytime we do something fun she just breaks down after or durring! Makes it hard to want to do fun things for or with her ya know? So she took a nap on Nana and Papa's bed and we all had cake w/o her!
As soon as we got hom tho she wanted to open gifts and LOVED the scooter i got her! Im so happy! Stuff that i think she will love she doesnt usually care for so im excited that she really liked it! Its been so hot tho she hasnt been outside so shes been riding it in the house! lol Kassel loves it too!
Well, back to cleaning up the house from this crazy weekend and trying to keep cool! Wish this AC worked better! ugh


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