Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wits End!

Well, Im about at wits end with Kaitlyn and her classes. A few weeks ago at her dance class she had a potty accident. I wasnt mad at her or anything just told her we had to go clean it up and then we had to go home. Since then she doesnt want to go to any classes. Im getting so frusterated. Last 2 weeks of dance class shes wont go and last week it was even gymnastics! Im trying not to be a mean mom and take her into class kicking and screaming because i dont see what good that will do except for make me look like an idiot! So i have made her sit with me and watch class. Just what i want to be spending money on, watching class! NOT! So tomorrow the girls from gymnastics are comming over after class for a little play day. Kaitlyn says she doesnt want to go to class, she just wants to sit and watch. I told her her friends arnt going to come and play if she doesnt do class. I dont think its fair to the other girls and moms tho if i was to cancel so i wont do that BUT i dont know what else to do to make her go back to class! The dance class cost alot of money, adding in the shoes and the costumes they are going to wear for the show and then supposed to gte tickets to the show, what the heck is going to happen when she wont even go to class?? UUGGGHHHH!!!!

To top off my day of cleaning and dealing w/ her attitude I went shopping to get stuff for Kens trip and made dinner. He called and said he would come home early, so i rushed the rest of dinner so it would ready when he got home. NOW..... he wont be home till late! UGH! AND he didnt tell me what he wanted done w/ the car so i wasnt able to contact the shop to check if the car could get worked on while he was gone...

WHOA...... Hold up! This post was NOT ment to be a major vent about everyone! lol Oops! anyways can u tell Im frusterated?!? Guess i need to finish my bottle of wine from the other day!