Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Day at Preschool!

Went pretty well. It went better than to be expected. I really thought she would be hysterical when we left. She was crying and hanging on to daddy (because I was hiding) The director tried to get her to play or go do something else but she wasnt having it. So she finally told Ken just to leave. I guess she hung on to the teacher for a little bit and cried for awhile but then slowly was ok. They had the bouce house today and she was excited about that and looked forward to the playground, so im sure that helped too! They came out tothe bounce house and she saw me in the car. I had told her ahead of time i would be in class for a bit and then in the parking lot for a little bit and then I would leave for awhile and be back to get her, so she saw me and yelled at me and waved. the director stopped her from comming to me and told her to go play and she did! Ashley is in her class and im sure that helped too. Finally Kassel got tired of sitting in the car so we left for Starbucks and then walked around Target for awhile and then went back. Im very proud of myself that I did NOT cry! When we went to get her she was excited to see us but she seamed very comfortable at school and was excited to show me what she did. she looks forward to going back on friday! I will be back later to add pictures if we got any decent ones (this new camera stinks!)

Ok, heres the pics, these girls are SO hard to get pics of them LOOKING at me! grrr
Here is Ashley and Kaitlyn when we meet in the parking lot before walking in.

Kaitlyn was eager to go in but i wanted some more pics, no very willing here, and yea i forgot to turn it and yep im too lazy to do it now! sorry!

Heres the girls walking into class...

Kaitlyn (and Kassel) starting to play...

And at the end of the day saying bye


Andrea said...

SO!! Where are the pics!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

WOW, so someone actually readys my blog?!?!?