Thursday, December 31, 2009

Be Gone With you!

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Good Bye 2009!
I honestly have never been happier to say good bye to any other year.
2009 Just plain SUCKED!
I am defiantly ready for a new beginning, a fresh start! Anyone else feel like a new year is a fresh start? Or is it just another day? I'm usually one of those people who just thinks of it was another day, I mess up the date on a few checks. But that is about the only difference! Well, this time THERE BETTER BE A DIFFERENCE! I am bound and determined to make this a better year! Maybe I'm being delusional but one way or another it just has to be better!
We don't usually do anything for new years. We're an old married couple now. We play it safe. Even tho we never really did much even before we were married and had kids! But I still like to blame it on that! :) We will stay home, drink a bottle of bubbly and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie or something. I'm sure this will be me in the morning Happy New Year Pictures, Images and Photos
but I just don't do morning! I know I need to sit down and start making plans and resolutions for the new year but I've got time... right? I still have 12 hours before the stroke of midnight! Plenty of time! Haha! I do have some in mind but want to consult the family, so that will be one of our tasks for evening. Hopefully before the bubbly hits me or else we'd probably end up with some interesting goals!
Do you make resolutions? Most people now days say they don't even bother. I think the reason for that is because we usually make crazy ones that are just not attainable! A few years ago I made the resolution that I would send a card for every ones birthdays and anniversary's that I have on my calendar. And I did it! I had planned on continuing that every year but then I lost my list of dates and addresses! So yea there went that! Maybe I need to make that one of my resolutions to get every ones dates and addresses again! We shall see! I think we should all make some sort of personal, family and professional goal every year BUT you have to make it attainable! So come on guys! Make some goals and lets make it happen!
Just off the top of my head I know my goals will be about spending more family time doing things OUT of the house! Professional goal is to continue to build my fun and exciting business! Personal, hmm defiantly building stronger friendships. I need to tweak them alittle and take some input from the family.
So, with that I wish all of you and your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay safe, have fun and lets make 2010 a year to remember!!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like a Cozy Blanket

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You know when you haven't seen a friend in a long time and you wonder, do you really have much in common, will things be awkward or will things just fall back into place? Well, some friends are just like a cozy blanket and things just fit! I was so excited when I found out an old friend moved to town! We haven't seen each other in a year and even then it was for a birthday party that was pretty much it. It's just crazy to me how life really does get in the way of friendships. I don't get it! I mean what DO we do with all our time? Sometimes I think people now days we are all so busy but yet, doing what? Are we really too busy to keep up friendships? Too many friendship's have fallen to the wayside just because we don't put the effort into keeping them together. We all know how much work it takes to keep a marriage together. Really every relationship takes effort and time and YES of course it IS worth it! One of my new goals is to be a better friend. Try my best to stay in touch and DO THINGS with my friends! I mean I'm ALWAYS more then willing to do things for my friends if/when they need something. But I think that what we need most is friends!
If you all don't know me by now I do get a little sidetracked and YES I often ramble. My point to this post was to share my excitement about my friend moving to town! We went out last night and I showed her around town a little, in all actuality I'm sure I just confused the hell out of her! lol Turned her all around and I actually think I helped her! LOL Her little man that I think I've only seen like three times was SO cute and so sweet! I think he and Kassel (and Kaitlyn too I guess) will have alot of fun together!
cheers Pictures, Images and Photos Here's to reestablishing friendships!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Something's Gotta Give!

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You know when things just NEED to change but you don't know what? Or maybe you want EVERYTHING to change? I've been fighting with this for awhile now. Well, it finally came to a header last night and SOMETHING HAD to GIVE! So.... I chopped about six inches off my hair! This is from someone who basically NEVER styles her hair! Even when I try to do something to my hair it doesn't work and just pisses me off to no end! So, no I don't know what I'm doing! lol I looked through some old and recent pictures and came to the decision that I want my hair short again! So... off to the bathroom and CHOP! I decided I needed bangs too. Its been about ... hmmm...20 years or so since I had bangs. So yea drastic change! Hubby helped me even out the back a little and today my niece is coming over to fix the rest of the little pieces that need help! But I actually like it! No picture yet but soon! :)

So... Now whats next???

Maybe i should make it cool like this kool punk hair Pictures, Images and Photos I dunno, I really like it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Decorations, Take them down or leave them up??

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Christmas is MY holiday! I LOVE Christmas! BUT.... not so much this year! I usually leave all the Christmas decortations up as long as I posibly can! Yesterday I was so tempted to pull everything down and pack them away never to be seen again until next year, instead I slept all day! It was nice! So today, I slept in late. Got up, had some more goodies which is totally making my waistline grown (there goes my stress diet!) and now what? Do I take them down and say Good Bye Christmas? Do I leave them up? I just dont know!

What do you do?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a Year!

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This year has been..... one hell of a year! No, not in a good way!
I am SO ready to say GOODBYE to 2009! Good Riddens!

This has been a very trying year for me and my family. Hence such little postings! I REALLY want to get back into posting as I find blogging so much fun! I've just been in a big ole funk lately and havent found pleasure in the things that use to be me hapiness.

This years recap- (positives only, trying to stay optomistic!)
1)Kaitlyn started kinder in an AMAZING school! Shes such a smart cookie, she has enjoyed every minute of school. We feel very blessed to be able to have her in such an awesome school and pray to God we can keep her there!
2)I have made some great new friends and have gotten back in touch with some old friends.
3) Kassel is comming into his own. He is such a funny, happy, sweet little boy!
4) Started a Girl Scout troop and is truely excited about sharing Girl Scouting with my girls! We have such a great troop of girls and moms!
5) We moved into a home that truely feels like home!
6) I started my own business! I am having so much fun being a consultant for Passion Parties! Going to a party every time I go to work, having a drink at work AND making some money to help out the family! Can't complain about the darn thing there! :)
7) Ken and I have lasted 7 years of marriage!
8) Took a very special trip to the North Pole to see Santa with friends!

We had an amazing Christmas and we hope you all had a great one as well! I plan on posting more often now, so hope you all can start poping in once in awhile again! Sorry I went AWOL on you guys! lol