Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a Year!

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This year has been..... one hell of a year! No, not in a good way!
I am SO ready to say GOODBYE to 2009! Good Riddens!

This has been a very trying year for me and my family. Hence such little postings! I REALLY want to get back into posting as I find blogging so much fun! I've just been in a big ole funk lately and havent found pleasure in the things that use to be me hapiness.

This years recap- (positives only, trying to stay optomistic!)
1)Kaitlyn started kinder in an AMAZING school! Shes such a smart cookie, she has enjoyed every minute of school. We feel very blessed to be able to have her in such an awesome school and pray to God we can keep her there!
2)I have made some great new friends and have gotten back in touch with some old friends.
3) Kassel is comming into his own. He is such a funny, happy, sweet little boy!
4) Started a Girl Scout troop and is truely excited about sharing Girl Scouting with my girls! We have such a great troop of girls and moms!
5) We moved into a home that truely feels like home!
6) I started my own business! I am having so much fun being a consultant for Passion Parties! Going to a party every time I go to work, having a drink at work AND making some money to help out the family! Can't complain about the darn thing there! :)
7) Ken and I have lasted 7 years of marriage!
8) Took a very special trip to the North Pole to see Santa with friends!

We had an amazing Christmas and we hope you all had a great one as well! I plan on posting more often now, so hope you all can start poping in once in awhile again! Sorry I went AWOL on you guys! lol