Thursday, December 31, 2009

Be Gone With you!

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Good Bye 2009!
I honestly have never been happier to say good bye to any other year.
2009 Just plain SUCKED!
I am defiantly ready for a new beginning, a fresh start! Anyone else feel like a new year is a fresh start? Or is it just another day? I'm usually one of those people who just thinks of it was another day, I mess up the date on a few checks. But that is about the only difference! Well, this time THERE BETTER BE A DIFFERENCE! I am bound and determined to make this a better year! Maybe I'm being delusional but one way or another it just has to be better!
We don't usually do anything for new years. We're an old married couple now. We play it safe. Even tho we never really did much even before we were married and had kids! But I still like to blame it on that! :) We will stay home, drink a bottle of bubbly and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie or something. I'm sure this will be me in the morning Happy New Year Pictures, Images and Photos
but I just don't do morning! I know I need to sit down and start making plans and resolutions for the new year but I've got time... right? I still have 12 hours before the stroke of midnight! Plenty of time! Haha! I do have some in mind but want to consult the family, so that will be one of our tasks for evening. Hopefully before the bubbly hits me or else we'd probably end up with some interesting goals!
Do you make resolutions? Most people now days say they don't even bother. I think the reason for that is because we usually make crazy ones that are just not attainable! A few years ago I made the resolution that I would send a card for every ones birthdays and anniversary's that I have on my calendar. And I did it! I had planned on continuing that every year but then I lost my list of dates and addresses! So yea there went that! Maybe I need to make that one of my resolutions to get every ones dates and addresses again! We shall see! I think we should all make some sort of personal, family and professional goal every year BUT you have to make it attainable! So come on guys! Make some goals and lets make it happen!
Just off the top of my head I know my goals will be about spending more family time doing things OUT of the house! Professional goal is to continue to build my fun and exciting business! Personal, hmm defiantly building stronger friendships. I need to tweak them alittle and take some input from the family.
So, with that I wish all of you and your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay safe, have fun and lets make 2010 a year to remember!!
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angie said...

Happy New Year.

I'm excited to start a new one, for sure.

Did I tell you I moved?

mom2andrew&leo said...

Hope this year is going better for you! I miss seeing you around :)