Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Play date!

Huge Thanks to Melanie, McKenna, Brody, Paula, Jayden, Suzy and Jenna for comming over to play today! The girls played SO well together and were just too cute! It was nice to just let them play and do their own thing! It was great being able to talk to Melanie, Paula and Suzy too! BAD SCRAP MOM tho.... I didnt take ANY pictures! Can you beleove it?!?! ME, the one who always has the camera in my purse didnt take ANY pictures! :( I was just having fun watching the girls (and boys too) play together and chatting w/ the moms I didnt even get a chance to grab my camera! Paula came prepared tho and snapped some so maybe I can get copies or make them into digital pics. I hope we can do it again soon, and hope even if we stop going to gymnastics we can still keep in touch and get together!
Thanks again ladies!


Ryan and Melanie said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us over. I hope she joins gymnastics again!!!