Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cutest cards ever!

Ok, So there's a card challenge on the SoCalScrap board and they showed this template to make a card that looks like a card. I had seen them before but thought they would be too hard. So i took a stab at it and OMG they are so easy and so fun and best of all, Im using up some scraps!!! Check these babies out....

and this one is my favorite!

Its almost hard to give them away! But now I know how easy they are I will be making more!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Plans for the holiday weekend?? NOP! None at all and boy is it nice! Dont plan on going anywhere! Its cold and drizzly here so it just makes me wanna curl up w/ a blanket and watch TV. A little of that, a little scrappin and a little sleeping... ahh what else can a lady ask for??

Heres a few pages i got done this weekend... some for the weekend challenge on one of my Sb boards and a few others for the new SB board Im addicted to, SoCalScrap! Im a sucker for a challenge! lol

And my cuties right now watching one last show before bedtime!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tagging sucks!

Ok you bloggers tho tagged me.. SO NOT COOL!!
Im sorry but Im not going to be able to do all that stuff im supposed to just. HATE chain letters and all that kind of crap! It would be one thing if it was somehting simple to do but no....

Keep your tags to yourself!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Crazy Busy Weekend!

This weekend was crazy buys for us! Saterday was supposed to be all at our house but at the last minute Ken decided we would go to his moms house instead of having them come here. So pack everything up and head out there. Traffic was horrible heading out, think everyone was going to the beach since it was so stinkin hot! Then we hung out there had lunch and the kids played in teh yard w/ the sprinklers and the slip and slide and the squirt guns. Then had cake and opened some gifts. then it was time to head home! Stopped at Jamba Juice, we all LOVE Jamba Juice! Then sitting in traffic Mike, kens friend called and said they were on their way over! WHAT? they werent supposed to be over until late! We werent even home yet and the place was a mess w/ toys EVERYWHERE, and they dont have kids so they wouldnt understand! lol Got home cleaned up the house as much as possible, jump in the shower and as im steping out they were here! Ken hadnt showered yet! So he sent them outback w/ the kids and ran in for a shower! We had a great time chatting with them and it was the first time i had met Mike's girlfriend. She was pretty cool! I had joked w/ him before that i get veto power over anyone he dates because if he dates anyone that means Im going to be hanging out with her, so i get to veto the ones i dont like! lol She passed the test!
They left late saterday night and i still hasnt finished the cake or decided on lunch for sunday at dads! aaagghhhhh!!! sunday morning i wake up and finish the cake. I think it turned out real cute! My first attempt at a barbie doll cake! Then run to the grocery store to pick up veggies and fruits and decide we wil just order something for lunch. WAY too hot to BBQ. So that worked out, Kaitlyn decided on pizza so we just ordered it and had it delivered! We had fun eating anf swimming and then when it was time for cake and gifts Kaitlyn had a huge meltdown. I stnks but i think she just gets over tired or soemthing because everytime we do something fun she just breaks down after or durring! Makes it hard to want to do fun things for or with her ya know? So she took a nap on Nana and Papa's bed and we all had cake w/o her!
As soon as we got hom tho she wanted to open gifts and LOVED the scooter i got her! Im so happy! Stuff that i think she will love she doesnt usually care for so im excited that she really liked it! Its been so hot tho she hasnt been outside so shes been riding it in the house! lol Kassel loves it too!
Well, back to cleaning up the house from this crazy weekend and trying to keep cool! Wish this AC worked better! ugh

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Missing him

Kinda cheesy I know, he's only gone one night and its not like I get to see him much when he's here since he's always at work but it still sucks! Especially since he wont be here for Kaitlyns bday! Anyways.... Miss ya baby!

Play date!

Huge Thanks to Melanie, McKenna, Brody, Paula, Jayden, Suzy and Jenna for comming over to play today! The girls played SO well together and were just too cute! It was nice to just let them play and do their own thing! It was great being able to talk to Melanie, Paula and Suzy too! BAD SCRAP MOM tho.... I didnt take ANY pictures! Can you beleove it?!?! ME, the one who always has the camera in my purse didnt take ANY pictures! :( I was just having fun watching the girls (and boys too) play together and chatting w/ the moms I didnt even get a chance to grab my camera! Paula came prepared tho and snapped some so maybe I can get copies or make them into digital pics. I hope we can do it again soon, and hope even if we stop going to gymnastics we can still keep in touch and get together!
Thanks again ladies!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wits End!

Well, Im about at wits end with Kaitlyn and her classes. A few weeks ago at her dance class she had a potty accident. I wasnt mad at her or anything just told her we had to go clean it up and then we had to go home. Since then she doesnt want to go to any classes. Im getting so frusterated. Last 2 weeks of dance class shes wont go and last week it was even gymnastics! Im trying not to be a mean mom and take her into class kicking and screaming because i dont see what good that will do except for make me look like an idiot! So i have made her sit with me and watch class. Just what i want to be spending money on, watching class! NOT! So tomorrow the girls from gymnastics are comming over after class for a little play day. Kaitlyn says she doesnt want to go to class, she just wants to sit and watch. I told her her friends arnt going to come and play if she doesnt do class. I dont think its fair to the other girls and moms tho if i was to cancel so i wont do that BUT i dont know what else to do to make her go back to class! The dance class cost alot of money, adding in the shoes and the costumes they are going to wear for the show and then supposed to gte tickets to the show, what the heck is going to happen when she wont even go to class?? UUGGGHHHH!!!!

To top off my day of cleaning and dealing w/ her attitude I went shopping to get stuff for Kens trip and made dinner. He called and said he would come home early, so i rushed the rest of dinner so it would ready when he got home. NOW..... he wont be home till late! UGH! AND he didnt tell me what he wanted done w/ the car so i wasnt able to contact the shop to check if the car could get worked on while he was gone...

WHOA...... Hold up! This post was NOT ment to be a major vent about everyone! lol Oops! anyways can u tell Im frusterated?!? Guess i need to finish my bottle of wine from the other day!

Mothers Day!

Well we all know Ken doesn't do gifts, as sad as it is I'm kinda used to it. SO my Mothers day gift to myself was a clean car and a new sticker! Kaitlyn and I had fun washing the car during Kassels nap. Earlier that day i went and got a new sticker for the car, I LOVE IT!! Got Scrap? hehe I know I know, I still haven't updated my family sticker, so sad but i haven't been to the right sticker place! Soon i hope!

Crazy week ahead

Well, this week is going to be a fun but crazy one! Kaitlyn is turning 4 on thursday! I still CAN NOT beleive my baby will be 4 in just a few days! Monday tuesday are cleaning days, get this place somewhat presentable. Wednesday we have to take Kens car into teh shop on the way to dropping Ken off at the airport for his business trip. Then to gymnastics. After gymnastics were having a little playgroup at the house w/ friends from gymnastics and other friends too if they are able to make it! Erica, Angela you guys commin?? Then the night without Ken.. dont know really how i feel about that... then thursday is Kaitlyns bday. She has dance class and i pray she actually GOES! Its been a problem the last few weeks since her accident (no details needed here)Then picm Ken up from the airport that nigt at like 11 pm, fun times! Friday im hoping Ken doesnt have to work, but probably will. Saterday were having a get together with Kens family for Kaitlyn's birthday. then Sunday were having a little party at my dads house for her bday! UGH... crazy week huh?
Well, Kassel woke up so i guess my computer time is over... Night!

New Look!

OK, Im not nearly as boring as my blog made me out to look like! Ok, maybe I am, but I dont want you guys to think I am! hehe. So what do you think? Like the new look? More me? I think so!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Latest Scrapbook pages

Heres some recent pages I put together....

Kauai cont...

I guess i took up too much space on the last post, so here's the rest of our last day...
Still out on the patio

I know i will get it wrong if i try to spell it so i'll just say at one of the waterfalls!

Playing at the last beach of vacation! Salt Pond Beach, on of our favorite!

In the shuttle going back to the airport :(

Kaitlyn and Kassel being funny at the airport

Since the new camera messed up some of teh dating i dont remember which day these were taken but these are at the Wialua Falls (fantasy Island falls)

Thats all she wrote! Cant wait to go back!

Kauai pics finally!

On the plane the kids had a good time... mom on the other hand not so much!

First day heading out to the beach!

My clingy baby with his owie he got the day before from the park.

Here we are at the Salt Pond Beach

Kassel fell asleep on the way to Anini beach and so we slept on the beach for awhile.

Kaitlyn isnt too thrilled w/ the camera lately so this is what most of my pictures of her look like! lol no eye contact!

I was digging a hole and telling kaitlyn i was going to put her in it. She wanted nothing to do with it but Kassel loved the idea, he sat in it and then started filled it up!

Me and the kids enjoying the water

Dad and Kassel

The night of the Luau at Kilohana and the camera was being weird and we couldnt change the settings, so no pics durring the Luau. Real bummer!

Even tho were on vacation Kaitlyn doesnt miss a chance to practice her gymnactics skills!

On the boat up to the Fern Grotto

LOL, Kens Favorite place to eat! Yep you guessed it! Costco!

Think we wore her out today?

Thats my boy getting into trouble and getting into things he shouldnt be!

Just us hangin out at the beach!

Scary old swinging bridge in Hanapepe

I LOVE these pictures of Kaitlyn, Ken says they are a little too sexy but its so funny because she was trying to get her rubber band out of her hair and coulnt. I wouldnt help i was just taking pictures!

My poor boys owie was getting better but still looks like it hurts, besides that i think hes adorable and having so much fun in the sand!

Kassel and I woke up early and went for a walk along the beach, this was right outside out room.

Up at Ke'e Beach the roots are amazing in these trees.

View from our Lanai (patio)

Last few moments in our room, kaitlyn was taking pictures if Kassel and I.