Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Day Blog Hop!!

Its that time again! For another Blog Hop! The theme this time is Mothers Day! I have not had a chance to work on much lately but here is two 'Mothers Day type' layouts I did not too long ago.
This is a layout of my mom and grandparents headstones. We go to the cemetary pretty often as a family and have a picnic there. The kids like to run around and I usually just relax by moms headstone and think about how much she would love to enjoy her grandkids that she never met.

This one is from this years Mom's Morning at Kaitlyn's preschool where we were able to go and do crafts with the kids. I really enjoyed it and I think Kaitlyn did too!

Dont forget to leave a comment and then continue hopping! Hope on over the Kelly's blog by clicking on the button and keep on goin!
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avagdro said...

Thank you so much Krazy Armstrong .Pretty cute layouts.Fabulous work.Wish you ,Kelly,Kaitlyn's preschool students n all a Happy Mothers day in advance.

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Julia said...

awesome awesome LO's!! so beautiful!!

mom2andrew&leo said...

Great work Kat! Love your layouts!