Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kaitlyn turns 5!

How did time fly by so fast? My baby girl is 5, its not possible its just not! But I guess it really is...
We had a small party at Papas house with family and a few close friends. The girls all had a great time swimming, running around, eating, and all and all having a great time!
Kaitlyn got her first real bike for her birthday from Nana and Papa. Yes I said her first real bike. I know poor deprived child hasnt had a real bike yet. We have tons of little cars and even a few trikes but no real bikes. Its kinda hard on this busy street and no real place to ride, so yea.. anyways she got it and she LOVES it! We still need to get her a helmet but we're getting there!

Nana pulled out Adams old trike and Kassel enjoyed himself on that pretty much all day!

The girls never slowed down to take a good picture of them!

Until it was cake time!

Kaitlyn got some great gifts and enjoyed them all but is super excited about getting more money to buy HER TENT!!!!! She is SO excited to buy a tent to go camping in! We decided on an 8 man Coleman tent so we have plenty of room for some other Girl Scouts to camp with us!

I still can't beleive its been a whole 5 years! Crazy to me!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLYN!!!! My Kennedy just turned 5 too... hard to believe!