Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crazy week!

Wow what a crazy week! But what else is new lately. I feel like I've just been hanging on to sanity lately...
Monday we came back from the wedding in San Diego, we were all so tired but had a great time!
Tuesday- Splash park with school friends after school.
Wednesday- Funeral out of town, which we thought was at 5 but ended up being at 7.
Thursday- Kaitlyn's last day at one of her schools
Friday- Kaitlyn crashed and burned at school (CC) and got sent home with an "Owie Report"
-Graduation from preschool (OB) did an awesome job
-After graduation she had a bad fall from the playground and we had to call 911. Thank the Lord he protected her from being seriosuly injured!
Saturday- BBQ at my dads for my cousins' memorial
- Baseball Game with Girl Scouts and camped all night on the field
Sunday- Got booted from the field by 8am, yes I typed that right 8AM! Keep in mind we DON'T DO MORNINGS!
- Came home, emptied car, nap time by 11!

Hope everyone else had a great week, with a little less drama then we had!


Vodka Mom said...


I am SO glad all is well!!

But WHEW I am exhausted after your list!!!

Lace said...

Glad Kaitlyn is okay!

I'm "lacey willis" in the new orleans, LA network on facebook if you want to friend me :)

Michelle said...

Wow, you have had a busy week. I'm glad your daughter wasn't hurt. Calls to 911 are so scary.