Friday, July 29, 2011

Where does it all go??

I don't know how many times I say this but really... Where has the time gone? I mean really, Where did summer go? Where did last school year go? Where did my childrens childhood go? Where did the last 9 years of marriage go? It just went 'Poof'! In a blink of an eye I've been married for 9 almost years, I have 2 amazing kids who are now entering 2nd grade and kindergarten! I was so looking forward to this summer and now its almost gone! I did enjoy the summer don't get me wrong. It was a great summer and I look forward to starting this new school year, actually very excited! We are going to enjoy the last bit of summer and then jump into school with both feet!

This year is going to be so much fun! We school with CAVA a virtual academy. We schooled with them last year but that was a totally different situation as it will be this year. This year we will have FREEDOM! We wont have to eat, get dressed, pack our backpacks and drive to school. This year we will have school in our own home! We will have the freedom to go on every field trip possible, within reason. We will have the freedom to go to Disneyland when we want. Can you tell I'm excited about being able to do what WE want to do?

School starts August 15th! Between now and then we have my cousins wedding this weekend that Kait and I are in. Then we are heading on vacation for a few days! The hubby is taking a whole week off work, which is pretty big for him! Then when we come back, we have one more week to prepare for school see friends and fun stuff like that. We are slowly getting the classroom ready and the kids are so excited to start school. I'm being mean and making them wait!

Enjoy the rest of your summer too! It will be gone all too soon!!!


SandyAnnDee said...

I'm really excited about starting with k12 (LAVCA) this year with my son, but I agree that summer has flown by so quickly!!! My daughters are going to b&m schools and will be starting in just one week. That will give my son and I a week to ease into k12. He starts on the 17th.