Thursday, June 16, 2011

Clean sweep!

Second day of summer vacation was another 'Get 'er done!' kinda day. Working on getting more Girl Scout stuff done. Didn't get anything done around the house though which stinks because it really needs some attention. But I did clean out one thing that always seams so overwhelming to me. Im not one to get rid of stuff. I'm NOT a hoarder like as in the show! Have you seen those people? WOW! But I do have tendencies like some of them. I always think "What if I need that later?" or "I can use that for something else later on". So yea getting rid of stuff is kinda hard for me. But I did it! I cleaned it ALL out! Clean sweeped my In BOX! Yes Emails! I didn't know that your AOL inbox could get full of emails but it happens to me often. So tonight I went in a cleaned it all out! Yes I will probably regret deleting a few of them. I will probably come back tomorrow and need something that I deleted but OH WELL! It's gone! Man it feels good! Just if it was that easy with other things.....