Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Knock Knock

Knock Knock, Anyone there?

Just stumbled upon a friends blog and kicked my bootie into blog surfing again. It's been so long since I stopped blogging. Thinking back it started when the laptop crashed, and I could only log into blogger with the laptop, for some stupid reason. I guess its an IE thing because I'm on here now! As I was blog hoping I noticed a lot of people haven't been blogging lately. Not just people I know, I like to use the "last blog" button when I'm bored. So was blogging a trend that is going away? Maybe, but I know for some its therapeutic.

Ok, so who wants to make bets if I actually start blogging for real again? We shall see... place your bets!

So if I do actually start blogging what would I blog about? It started as a crafty blog but then turned into a blob (yes I meant to say blob) of everything with no real direction. I guess that's kinda how life is though. You start with a plan, or an idea and then all heck breaks loose and it turns into totally different directions. I mean really, did anyone really think we would be where we are now? Was this your plan? I'd have to say NO! This was not my plan. Parts of it, YES! Other parts, not so much. I guess no matter how old you are you still have those 'teaching moments", those "life lessons". I guess that's what keeps us on our toes.