Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homeschool-One month down!

Where did the past month go? It's already October! Seriously its all a blur! So much has happened this past month! We started school which in itself was a huge event! Kassel's first day of school, Kaitlyn's first day of first grade, my first day teaching, all of our first day of homeschooling! It was a blast! As I stated before we are not doing the traditional homeschooling. We are using a virtual academy, CAVA in conjunction with K 12. Its a mixture of hands on learning along with virtual education. Its all state mandated, funded etc. It IS a public school but yet were homeschooling! If that wasn't enough on my plate we have a small classroom with 8 students (not counting the Jr highers!) A friend of mine and I are teaching the kids in a a very small classroom setting using the K12 program. We have 2 preschoolers, 2 kinders and 4 first graders.
The first day of school just went by in a blink, but we all had fun! Kaitlyn and Kassel were so excited to start school!

Getting settled in the classroom and catching up with friends. Can you feel the excitement in the air?

School is in session. We start the morning with pledges and prayer and then on Monday mornings we have Bible. Starting with worship songs.

Here's our cute folders we made for each of the kids. I love the cute little backpack rack.

I plan on taking pictures of each of the kids each month to see how they have grown and to show the seasons. Here is our "school pictures" for September.

And the best part of homeschooling..... We go swimming!!!

More to come soon!