Sunday, October 3, 2010

Field Trip Time!!

Our first field trip this year was to visit the LA County Fair! We went last year with school but of course was on a time table to get the kids back to school by the end of the day. One HUGE benefit of homeschooling and having such a small group of great kids and parents is that we don't HAVE to be anywhere by anytime! Most of the children had at least one parent go with them so it was more of a family event. We got to see a cow milking demonstration, the kids got to milk a goat, see lots and lots of animals, see a dinosaur exhibit, see a pirate show, play dress up in a fairy tale land, etc etc etc. So much fun! ALL before the fair was even open to the public! Then we got a chance to go on our own and either do ride, check out more exhibits or whatever we wanted! The weather had been REALLY hot but God blessed the day with cooler weather. What a perfect day!

Kassel and his friend per petting the babies.

Kaitlyn and Kassel in the petting a feeding zoo. Kaitlyn wasn't too into it this time. Maybe she remembers being freaked out when a hungry goat almost knocked her down last year to get the food! Kassel did pretty well feeding them.

The kids milking a goat.

What the...?!?!

Cute group pictures...

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Gotta love the wood cut outs for the kids faces! Too funny!!