Friday, August 13, 2010

The Set-up!

We were so excited a week or two ago when we received all the curriculum. Kaitlyn and Kassel ran out to the UPS truck and couldn't wait to dig into the boxes!

We had alot of fun going through each box. Wow, was there alot of stuff!

Then Wednesday we got the computer! Even though we will not be doing school here (that's a story for a separate day) I still decided to set up the computer at home until we needed it at the one room school house. Here's our stack of curriculum and the computer.

And then here's her little set up for now.

Like I said she wont actually be doing her school work here but it's nice having an extra computer since the laptop decided it didn't want to work anymore and theres always a boy on the desk top! So now I'm able to start working on lesson plans and stuff like that on the new computer!
I think Im going to make Kaitlyn some sort of count down calendar for school to start, kinda like an advent calendar. Hmmm... ideas anyone?

17 more days!