Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a week...

Have you ever had one of those days that makes you want to say "I QUIT!!" but wait! your a mom, you can't quit and go hang out at the bar... oh boy did I want to! lol

So Monday after school the kids went down for a nap. Ahhh quiet time. I hear Kaitlyn stirring, then fuss a little then .... PUKE! Oh boy... I do not deal with vomit very well. I can deal w/ snot, pee, poop even blood but NOT VOMIT! So I go in there, she is covered, her bed is covered... EEEWWWW!!! So, I pick her up and run to the bathtub. Pull everything off the bed before it soaks thru... Go back and strip her down, turn on the shower.

Now I hear Kassel stirring... look in the bedroom, hes crawling out of bed. Turn back to Kaitlyn, she's grossed out by the chunks in the shower! Turn around again and Kassel is covered in Poo! It's soaked thru his pants, his shirt and obviously all over MY BED!! ugh. Grab him, toss him into the shower, strip him.... now theres even more nastyness in the shower along w/ 2 nasty kids. Both kids crying, mom crying, house smells like both vomit and poo! AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!

I just stood there in the bathroom for a minute and tried really hard not cry, scream "I QUIT" or or walk out of the house! It was one of those things that its like nothing else could go wrong! Then the doorbell rang! HAHA NO, I'm not answering the door right now! I still have no idea who it was, if it was you sorry I missed you!

So the kids are showering, strip down my bed, start one of the million loads of laundry that were going to be done within the next few days...

Needless to say its been a very... NOT FUN week!
On top of both kids purging everything for both ends, I had dentist appointment and then another dentist appointment and going back again next week. Non of us have had a good week.

Tomorrow is Friday a whole new day...cross your fingers, say a little prayer, whatever it takes tomorrow WILL be better.... right?


Lacey said...

kat hope things get better for you :)

Sabrae said...

aww you poor thing!!! they say it only gets worse before it gets better! lol man... not looking forward to this mom stuff! lol

KelsyC said...

((HUGS)) Hope this week is a better one!