Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last weeks mama kats

Mama Kats last week prompts:
Choose a prompt:

1.) Allergies much?

2.) Worst dentist experience ever.

3.) Describe a "new road" you've taken in your life.

4.) What would you say to a mouse who could talk?

5.) Who is the best listener you know? What makes him or her such a good listener?

Well what the heck, I'll touch base on them all...
1) I grew up being allergic to EVERTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING! I had a food allergy test and came back allergic to 98 of 100 foods! Environment allergies about the same! Crazy huh? Yea I was always sick. One year I was out sick more days then I was at school! I have the report card to prove it! NO grades wise my mom stayed on top of homework and made me do it!

2) I dont like the dentist AT ALL! I think every experience there is a bad one! start of with those horrible xrays that make me gag, and just everything else! Have I mentioned I've been 3 times in last week? Yea I dont like dentists!

3) 'New road'- I think being married was my biggest 'new road' I always wanted to be married and have kids but i couldnt really imagine being married and being able to get along with someone all the time.

4) Get outta my house!!!

5) best listener- hmmm I dont think I have one!