Monday, March 29, 2010

As Promised....

Hey! It's a start!
So its been what about a year since I really blogged? Well, alot has changed. Alot has stayed the same. I'm still me! I'm still married to a pretty cool guy, we still have two amazing kids. For the most part we have just gotten older!

Kassel is a rambunctious 3 1/2 year old. Kaitlyn is almost 6. I am.... well, lets not go there! The kids have grown up so fast. Its just crazy. As I was giving the blog a face lift I was looking for a new picture of me to add as my avatar. The pictures I had on my laptop were from 2008! Kassel was still a little baby! He is NOT a baby anymore! He is defiantly a little boy now! Kaitlyn is just as smart as ever! She is going to an amazing school which I LOVE! She is excelling at everything and making lots of friends. Kassel and I help out in the class ALOT and he pretty much thinks he is one of the kids in the class! He stands in line and is defiantly quieter then most the other boys!

The school year is quickly coming to an end. I don't know where it went! We have had alot of fun, made alot of new friends. Summer will be here all too soon. Well, by the weather it is already here! I think it's been in the mid 80's for a week now!

As for whats new.... We moved in October. Not sure if I blogged about that... probably not since I haven't blogged about ANYTHING! lol We are still in the same town but alot closer to school and on a quieter street. Also in October I signed up to be a Passion Party Consultant. I have had alot of fun with that. Gets me out of the house and I make a little money here and there. Girl Scouts is still going well. Cookie season is finally over, WHEW! Cookie season is CRAZY to say the least! Our troop did great and Kait did awesome too! Her and one other girl in our troop reached their goal of selling 750 boxes in order to earn the "Cali Girl" trip, its a trip to Disney, stay overnight at the park, breakfast with the Princess's, all that good stuff! I'm so glad she worked so hard to get it! I have made the decision to home school Kaitlyn next year. It was a very tough decision for me but basically we cant afford the school she is in any longer and the public schools... well lets just say is not an option. So what other choice do I have? I have a few friends who home school, locally and cyber friends so I know I will have the support I will need, but its still a very scary decision for me. I always said "I would never be able to home school", well here I am!
I think that's the basic recap of all the big things. I'm sure theres plenty of other things I will bring up here and there but for now that's about it!