Friday, June 26, 2009

Round 2 of the RTTC

Round 2 of the Rise to the Challenge Contest
Week 1-
This week I challenge you to to play with 7's by using 7 of each of the following 7 things on your layout:
* 7 card stock papers
* 7 buttons
* 7 flowers
* 7 pattern papers
* 7 brads
* 7 letters or words in your title
* 7 techniques - Inking, paper tearing, sewing, punching, embossing, stamping, doodling
Photos are free....along with the items needed to complete your techniques.
These are the ONLY things you can use!! Good luck!!

This was my layout:
There was a bit of misunderstanding about the techniques required but whatever... I got dinged for it!
My Score: 18.86 out of 25
Judges Comments:
~Cute page. I really like the cluster of circles, flowers, and brads. I counted off because you only used 3 of the required techniques.
~Beautiful LO, but used different techniques than were listed in directions. I really like the colors in this set, the only thing I would change is the 'white space' in the upper left corner.. Looks kinda out of place.
~LOVE the picture, so cute and SWEET. Like how you did use 7 techniques, but hate that you missed 3 of the required ones. Like how you made exactly 7 scallops and filled them w/ 7 buttons!
~Very cute page! Sorry I had to take off points for the techniques!
~Wonderful LO! Very sweet! Love the tiny flowers on the circles. The little details are pretty. To bad about the use of the techniques otherwise great job!!

Week 2
Are you ready for the "Summer Heat"?I think my ideal summer temperature is 28 degrees. Celsius NOT Fahrenheit! I challenge you to use 28 embellishments of your choice on a summer themed page. If you're brave, you can try using 82 different embellishments! That's the temperature it would be in Fahrenheit!Requirements:1. 28 or 82 embellishments of your choice. (must list out) No more no less.2. Your LO must be of a "summer" theme3. Your technique to use this week is sanding (cause playing in the sand is summery)4. Must use the colors Blue(color of water) , Orange (color of the summer sun), and Brown (color of the sandy beaches).
My layout:
summer theme-yep Sanding- around sides of brown pp, around picturesblue, orange, brown- yep28 embellishments-2- pieces of felt9- cut out flowers4- inchies (didn't count if embellis came on the inchie, ie kim inchie w/ flower &bling, laceys inchie w/ flower & brad)1- 'got sand' tag1- monogram (jens swap item)11-pieces bling
My Score: 22.50 out of 25
Judges comments:
~My favorite of the week.
~Beautiful!! One of my favorite Los by you!!
~Great sanding!!Great use of the colors and theme. I like the cut-out flowers.
~I really love this page! Totally a summer page. I like that you pretty much used the color scheme given, and stuck with it through out.
~Very cute! Love the felt on this one!

Week 3 - Journal It!Yes you read correctly, but I want Raw Journaling. I want to be moved by your journaling. Scrapping is about preserving memories the good, the bad and even the ugly. I know it's difficult to scrap the bad and ugly, but I have to say from my experience when I have scrapped these events in my life I feel some sense of healing, and empowerment like I have overcome what was hurting. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.Additional Requirements:1. Use some sort if office supplies2. Use some household item to Stamp with {ie: lids, sponge, etc.} skies the limit.3. Technique - Distressing can be any kind of distressing - List all/any you use

My Layout:

My Score: 21.00 out of 25
Judges Comments:
~Amazing journaling. Makes me want to give you a big hug.
~Love it! Loving that cluster and the distressing on the page. I think some additional stamping would have tied in the blue a bit more.
~Very moving journaling and I love how you distressed the pictures, it ties in very well. Not sure your choice of brass brads goes with the whole LO- white might have looked better.
~Very pretty LO. I think the brads were a bit of a stretch since they are a a normal scrapbooking item.

I can't show the last one yet. As soon as we get judged on it I will post it! Thanks for looking!