Sunday, May 31, 2009


Kaitlyn's Preschool Graduation

I had no idea what to expect of Kaitlyn's graduation. They put on a great Christmas program so I was sure it would be great. It was awesome! They did alot and all the kids were so good about standing up in front of so many people and doing their songs, the alphabet, their numbers, the pledge of alligence to the Christian flag, the Bible and the United States flag. Then they were each called up to say say hi to mom and dad at the microphone and then we were able to watch a great slideshow from the past year. Here's some great pictures...

Waiting before thr program to be able to go into class.

Last carpet time in preschool (wipe away the tears mom)

Walking up to the stage.

Shes the one in back in white, waving.

Congratulations Sweetie! You did awesome!

Crazy week!

Wow what a crazy week! But what else is new lately. I feel like I've just been hanging on to sanity lately...
Monday we came back from the wedding in San Diego, we were all so tired but had a great time!
Tuesday- Splash park with school friends after school.
Wednesday- Funeral out of town, which we thought was at 5 but ended up being at 7.
Thursday- Kaitlyn's last day at one of her schools
Friday- Kaitlyn crashed and burned at school (CC) and got sent home with an "Owie Report"
-Graduation from preschool (OB) did an awesome job
-After graduation she had a bad fall from the playground and we had to call 911. Thank the Lord he protected her from being seriosuly injured!
Saturday- BBQ at my dads for my cousins' memorial
- Baseball Game with Girl Scouts and camped all night on the field
Sunday- Got booted from the field by 8am, yes I typed that right 8AM! Keep in mind we DON'T DO MORNINGS!
- Came home, emptied car, nap time by 11!

Hope everyone else had a great week, with a little less drama then we had!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My beautiful family

Memorial Day Flag Placing

We went to the Crestlawn Memorial Park and placed poppies and flags for the Veterans on saterday. The girls did great and had fun too! We had 3 of our girls go, Kaitlyn, Jaeden and Kylie. Kaitlyn and I even placed my Grandfathers flag and poppy. My camera stopped working tho! Thankfully a a friend of ours had her camera and took some great shots for us!

Mud bath!

I've been longing to go back to Glen Ivy Spa and have a mud bath and a great massage ya know all the comforts of life... well the kids showed me the other day we don't need to go to the spa for a great mud bath!

and yes that's her brand new white swim suit! ugh!!

Kassel was so cute just chillin in the sun enjoying the mud dry out and get all flaky!

Kaitlyn turns 5!

How did time fly by so fast? My baby girl is 5, its not possible its just not! But I guess it really is...
We had a small party at Papas house with family and a few close friends. The girls all had a great time swimming, running around, eating, and all and all having a great time!
Kaitlyn got her first real bike for her birthday from Nana and Papa. Yes I said her first real bike. I know poor deprived child hasnt had a real bike yet. We have tons of little cars and even a few trikes but no real bikes. Its kinda hard on this busy street and no real place to ride, so yea.. anyways she got it and she LOVES it! We still need to get her a helmet but we're getting there!

Nana pulled out Adams old trike and Kassel enjoyed himself on that pretty much all day!

The girls never slowed down to take a good picture of them!

Until it was cake time!

Kaitlyn got some great gifts and enjoyed them all but is super excited about getting more money to buy HER TENT!!!!! She is SO excited to buy a tent to go camping in! We decided on an 8 man Coleman tent so we have plenty of room for some other Girl Scouts to camp with us!

I still can't beleive its been a whole 5 years! Crazy to me!

Slacker! Slacker!

I know! I know I have been SO bad w/ keeping this thing updated. Im REALLY hoping things start to settle down soon! HAHA, not in my lifetime huh? Well, maybe just a little!
Short recap, Kaitlyn just turned 5, Kassel is almost 2 1/2 now, Kaitlyn is graduting preschool this week , we have been busy with Girl Scout stuff, this past weekend we were in San Diego for Ken's best friend, Mikes wedding! It was a great time!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coolest pet store ever!

We went to a birthday party at a pet store.... kinda funny huh? At first I was like what the heck? A party at a pet store? Weird. Then I looked online and saw some pictures of their partys and I freaked out! Theres pictures of these huge snakes wraped around people... Oh HECK NO!!!! We went anyways. It was really cool! Heres some pictures. We had a great time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend Layouts

This weekend I actually got some time to scrap! It's been a LONG time! I got a whole 13 layouts done! woohoo! Im excited!

Thanks for looking!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom of the year award!

I LOVE this! I wish everyone a very Happy Mothers Day!

ETA- grrr cant get the video to play here OR get it clickable, PITA! Sorry, you have to cut and paste it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mothers Day Blog Hop!!

Its that time again! For another Blog Hop! The theme this time is Mothers Day! I have not had a chance to work on much lately but here is two 'Mothers Day type' layouts I did not too long ago.
This is a layout of my mom and grandparents headstones. We go to the cemetary pretty often as a family and have a picnic there. The kids like to run around and I usually just relax by moms headstone and think about how much she would love to enjoy her grandkids that she never met.

This one is from this years Mom's Morning at Kaitlyn's preschool where we were able to go and do crafts with the kids. I really enjoyed it and I think Kaitlyn did too!

Dont forget to leave a comment and then continue hopping! Hope on over the Kelly's blog by clicking on the button and keep on goin!
Mothers Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Hunt!

The kids were so excited to go Easter Egg Hunting! They both had a blast! Kaitlyn stole a few right in front of Kassel but all and all they were good about it. Kaitlyn even took one out of her basket and hid it and then helped Kassel find it! What a great big sister!

Showing off their eggs!

Even Monchie got one! Why would anyone think Vinegar and egg would smell good? eeww!

And finally enjoying the eggs..

Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!!!