Sunday, August 31, 2008

Me Me Me

I've seen this site before but just came across it again and I love its so fun to play with! SO I had to check how many of me there are....
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Can you beleive there are 49 me's in the US? To my suprise there was 93,031 Katrina's! I guess my name isnt as uncommon as I had thought oh well! Im still happy being me! SO how many of you are there??

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tagged again!

My SoCalScrap co-blogger Kristi tagged me, so I guess I should actually do it! lol
From what I understand, I need to post 7 things about me & tag 3 friends. Hopefully my 3 friends will play too. (come on guys I did it!)

Seven random facts you may not know about me.....

1. I ALWAYS wanted to be a Mommy and a SAHM at that! Lucky me, I married someone to made that dream come true! BOTH of them!

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hot stone massage, well any massage really but especialy hot stone massage!

3. I spend most of my spare time scrapbooking or blogging (my new addiction)

4. I love my friends as if they are family!

5. I HATE renting! But yet cant decide where we want to buy! lol

6. I swam competitivly in high school. (it said random!)

7. Im only wearing one earing right now because one keeps getting nasty... eeew! (once again it said random! lol)

Ok, and now whos the lucky three I will tag...????

I think I will tag Kelsy becuse she tagged me last time and I didnt do it, hey i was new at blogging and had no idea how to do anything it asked me to do!
Lacey because she was so excited to start her blog anf then hasnt done much w/ it, so now she has to post something right? lol
Bonnie because shes my partner in crime! lol and one who got me into blogging!

Have fun ladies!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Splash Park!

They just opened a great splash park in town last week! the girls Kaitlyn used to go to gymnastics with planned on meeting there. Two of the girls couldnt make it but Kaitlyn and Kassel loved it!

Then after Jayden got there they played everywhere else besides the water! silly girls! If I was wearing somehting else I would have been in there! It was HOT today!

I think Kassel took advantage of the splash park the most! He LOVED it!!!

It's really too bad that is closes the end of Sept because here in Socal we could pretty much have it open year around! oh well! We will use it a few more times before it closes!

First Day of School at her second school! lol

Ok, as some of you know, we are a bit crazy and Kaitlyn will be attending 2 preschools! WHY? You may ask, well pretty much because I went there! lol It IS a great school and I realy like it as well. I would have her only in this second school (Circle City) but since I want her to attend Olive Branch for Kindergarden, I want to get the 'returning student' benefit of getting in. So there ya go! Anyways... She started school on thursday at Circle City and she was excited about it! Here she is being silly while waiting to sign her in.

And starting to play, here she is playing w/ shaving cream! Looks like fun huh??

After school she finally let me take a picture of her by the sign, I wonder if I have a picture of me by that same sign as a little 4 year old! hmmm might have to dig thru the suitcase!

She had a great time at school, and look forward to going back! That night we also had a 'meet your teacher night' at the Olive Branch school, same school but new teachers. SHe had fun in a new class room, she starts there on weds.

Beach Trip

We made another trip the day before Kaitlyn went back to school. It was pretty cool and over cast that morning, I was hoping it would stay that way but NOP! Darn it! It was kinda hot, but it was ok...Heres some cute pics getting ready to go...

The kids were showing me how dirty they were...

Kassel was really tired and had just finally had enough!

This was my favorite picture of the day.

All and all it was a great day at the beach.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog Giveaway!

Check out Vanilla Joy for some awesome give aways this week!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Writers Workshop

I just hapened to stumble across this very cool blog tonight, Mama's Losin it! she has tuesday night homework to write about something tonights home work was:
1.) Did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it.

2.) I wish I could...

I figured I'd work on #1 and see if anything could come to mind for #2.
So... My favorite doll was actually a big stuffed bear. He was called "Big Bear", SO original huh? lol Well, I have no idea where or how it happened but Big Bear lost his eye, so he was a one eyed big bear. My mom was super crafty and I remember her fixing his eye at one point, maybe more but i took it off because Big Bear only has one eye! Dunno what was up with that but I totally remember being upset that she fixed it, I guess she gave up after that. I do have him somewhere... those of you who know will totally beleive that because i seam to hold onto everything! Anyways, I wonder if I can find him! I was never the kid that HAD to have her doll or anything with her but I do remember loving my Big Bear, and taking him many many place!

Ok, I guess that did lead me to an answer for #2
I wish I could have a clutterless, organized, clean house.... HAHAHA ok, not get off the floor because we know that will probably NEVER happen, or atleast not until the kids are out of the house, the dh is out of the house AND I get a house keeper and, and and, the list goes on! I guess we all know that will never happen no matter what! But I am working on getting rid of some stuff! I have been working in the garage all week... lol seams like all week even tho its only tuesday! But I am getting alot done and the garage is looking better! I even re arranged the living room too!

Ok, homework complete! Hope the teacher stamps my homework or I get a sticker or something!

"I'm Bored!"

OMG! So my daughter is only 4, not 13 AND she hasnt even been out of school for a whole week yet and yet all I heard yesterday and today was "I'm Bored!" I tried extra hard last week to do fun things each day since she's not in school. But even those days it only helped while we were doing them!
we went to the neighborhood thrift store and picked up some fancy dress up clothes, and a movie. That didnt last long! we did the other fun stuff I already posted! Yesterday we went swimming w/ a friend and STILL ALL I hear is "I'm bored". What happened to the days that they would play out back for hours and hours? Guess they used to having a yard and take it for granted now I dunno, but OMG when does she go back to school?? THURSDAY!
We met her new teacher today at her new school (she will be attending 2 different schools) and she was really nice and Kaitlyn had fun playing while I got to talk to her teacher. I DO wish the teacher would have taken time to talk to her more then me, but oh well I guess thats what we were there for?!? I dunno! But we shall see how it goes. She will be in that school 2 days a week and at her other school three days a week, all half days. Her other school starts next weds... oh shoot that reminds me, I need to make sure what the times are! lol We have a meet the teacher night thursday.... ok kids fighting guess i should go. It's time for my walk anyways! Thanks for listening to my ramblings! lol

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Palm Springs... yes again!

It's so funny, we really never thought we would get hooked on visiting Palm Springs but aparently it has happened! This was our third trip this summer. The tempature was alot better this time, high of only 105, alot better then 111 like last time!
Melanie had asked me if we had visited the childrens museum out there yet, I hadn't even heard of it! So I found it online and we stopped by there first thing yesterday... after Bob's Big Boy of course! I'm so glad Melanie had brought it up to me because it was great! Both the kids loved it!
Here is Kaitlyn and Kassel experimenting w/ the pully system, Kaitlyn was able to pull herself up!

Kassel loved the magnetic wall

This one was prety cool, the kids got to color a picture on a paper plate and then put it on a fan and the speed would change and the strobe light would too, and they can see how the image looked different, very cool!

Heres Kaitlyn, Kassel too kinda haha... playing in the rope maze. They tie themselves to a rope and need to get to the other size by going over and under the other ropes, it was fun to watch her figure it out!

Paint the bug! There is car there that the kids could paint! Kaitlyn loved it and Kassel wanted to go in too, so I finally let himT First time painting! It was very serious business but he finally looked at us once for a picture! lol

Checking out Xrays in the vet office.

Kassel playing motorcop! Maybe one day....

Kaitlyn in the grocery store..

Time to say good bye.....

Some relaxin at the pool...

And the view from the pool...

Ahh...we will be back soon!

Welcome SITS girls! Thank you!

WOW! To my surprise I got home from Palm Springs and OMG I had comments on my blog! (obviously doesn't happen often!lol) Welcome Saucy girls! If you are reading and have no idea what I'm talking about check out The Secret is in the Sauce. So my blog isn't all that exciting, like some of yours but I try to share the exciting stuff going on around here. Some great ideas I have stolen from somewhere and just some random pics, and yea sometimes I forget to turn my pictures and then too lazy to turn them after they are posted (yea bad blogger) Thanks for visiting! Thanks Saucy girls!!!! Love ya!
~ off to see if I got any decent pictures from Palm Springs and post those and then off to visit the Saucy Girls who have left me comments!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kaitlyn's New Doll

Kaitlyn made her very own doll today!
I got the idea from the Skip to my Lou blog where they drew characters from the book and made them into dolls... well instead we just made a doll out of her drawing of a princess! I had her draw on white fabric w/ fabric markers, then I cut it out and sewed it together, she stuffed it and I closed it up, and Waa Laa! She made her own doll! She was so excited and proud of it! She even took this picture of it!

She even made Kassel one too!

And heres the prince and the princess together!

A little weird looking but hey! I think they are cute!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

last day of school and some good times!

Today was Kaitlyn's last day of summer school. Im SO sad to say good bye to her teachers... even tho were still hoping she can get switched into the morning class w/ the same teachers. We shall see about that... but Of course once I got the camera out Kaitlyn froze up and got all shy, ugh when will she get out of this stage and just relaise I will always have my camera?

My daughter the corn husker!
We dont usually have corn on the cob, pretty much just because Im lazy... but it sounded so good. I had Kaitlyn husk her own cob, she had fun...

Today I decided to have the kids try their hand at making home made ice cream, we made 2 individual size bags. Trying not to make too much to kill my diet! Kaitlyn did hers all on her own, she had fun! But gave up shaking it about half way thru! lol

Here they are enjoying their sweetness! I think this maybe the first time shes ever had home made ice cream... poor child!

Tutu special

Melanie had asked me if I thought she would be able to make a tutu, showing me one online that was for sale for 40$+. Sure thing you can make it girlie! SO yep, If you know me, what do I do? I steal the idea! lol No, I can not come up with fun creative ideas but I can steal ideas and run with them! lol So heres my first one... It's pink and white

And since I wont show it to kaitlyn since its an Christmas present I made Kassel try it on... I'm such a mean mommie!

And then I decided that I should make a few more, if Kaitlyn has a friend over I dont wanna hear them fight over it, and hmmm... maybe someone else needs one for an Christmas present too! So heres my second one... it is dark purple, light purple and pink.

These were fun and fast to make and for about 10$ beats 40$+! lol
Thanks for looking!